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Itty Bitty Bits

Molly can't have her friend come for a sleepover until she cleans her messy room. She thinks it's impossible to do it herself, so she asks her sister, her brother, her father, even the family dog, Indiana Bones for help. But each is feeling overwhelmed by their own big projects. She goes to her "think-spot" under the "weepy" willow tree, where she spies a tiny ant and observes how he tackles a big task. Molly zooms home to clean and on the way she shares this confident message with her family. "You can do it! Yes, you can! Just make like an ant and get the job done, itty bitty bit by itty bitty bit."

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Written by: Anita Daher

Illustrated by: Wendy Bailey

Size: 11 x 8.5

ISBN (Hardcover): 978-1-927735-01-5

$19.95 (Hardcover)