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About Peanut Butter Press

Peanut Butter Press is a Canadian children's book publisher based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have found our niche in creating quality picture books that children enjoy because of their interesting content and engaging illustrations. We are dedicated to selecting stories that both entertain and educate, and thus enrich the lives of children. At the heart of every Peanut Butter Press book is a love of reading, learning, and the art of a great story – shared.

Submission Guidelines: At this time, Peanut Butter Press accepts only picture book manuscripts. These should be preceded by a query letter, sent by email and containing a telephone contact number, as well as a description of your writing background and relevant credentials (e.g. published books, nominated and award-winning titles, personal honours).

Peanut Butter Press welcomes inquiries about International Distribution and Foreign Rights. Distribution and rights are available for all countries and languages worldwide, excluding Canada and China.